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I like it. I think it looks pretty solid in a technical sense.

Obviously you weren't going for real polished anatomy so that's not worth criticizing, but it has a nice, fleshy sense of form even so. If I was to nit-pick, I would say maybe try and keep the quality of the hatching lines a bit more consistent. The variation in thickness and angle seems a little haphazard at some points, but it's not really that noticeable. What I think is more worth noting is that the leg on the left probably ought to have more shading on it. The positioning is probably fine, but there probably wouldn't be so much light on it from that angle, and the fact that the legs are almost equally illuminated makes the perspective feel off. The left-most toe on that foot also forms a little bit of a tangent with the vomit-mass thing, which adds to the sense that the leg might be out of place.

Again, these are all pretty minor things I had to look at it kind of carefully to pick out; as a whole I think it's pretty successful. Keep it up friendo.

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LukasB responds:

Sweet dude! I will look out for that stuff next time i mess with hatching and shit. Also it's fine if you nitpick cause I prefer to know how to make things better the next time I do things similar to this and what's wrong with it rather than getting a pat on the back and told "good job". I prefer the criticism honestly c:

~Thanks man! XoxoxoXOXOXoxoxoxOxxxOOOxxOXOXOxo <3